This article walks you through protecting additional networks with the paid version of Strongarm.

If you have multiple sites or are an MSP serving multiple customers, at some point you’ll want to add more networks. To do this, you will need to register the networks in DNSWatch and then update the DNS settings for the site (if applicable).

First, we need to register the new networks with DNSWatch. Use our settings page to add the IP addresses to DNSWatch. If you are accessing DNSWatch from the network you would like to protect, DNSWatch will automatically identify and auto-fill the address. If you cannot log in to DNSWatch from the network you would like to protect, add its address now. Be sure to set a description that’s meaningful to you and your team.

Second, update the DNS settings for the network you are protecting by using our DNS Setup page. Find the instructions for your network, apply them, and then use the Test DNS button at the bottom to verify that the location is protected.

Last, visit the DNSWatch Dashboard where we will report to you status of DNS requests from all of the networks you have protected. Find the network that was just set up and verify your DNS requests are being protected by DNSWatch.