Content filtering is included in all DNSWatch subscriptions. Deploying content filtering across all your networks is the same process used to protect those networks; register your network and configure your DNS settings to use DNSWatch. Once deployed, migrating your existing content filtering solution to Strongarm is simple. We’ve broken it down to the following seven steps.

  1. Copy your current content filtering policy over to DNSWatch, including any domains that you have manually filtered or whitelisted. You can choose which categories to enable for filtering in the DNSWatch dashboard. You’ll note we have intentionally limited the number of categories to make deploying content filtering straightforward. If you have the need to block additional categories, please contact us.

  2. Enable the Strongarm “Testing Category” in addition to the rest of your policy.

  3. Customize the block page your users will see when visiting a filtered domain.

  4. Verify proper configuration by visiting

  5. Check out the real time reporting available in the DNSWatch dashboard. From here, you can easily whitelist domains that should not be blocked as well as report miscategorized domains to our team.

  6. Decommission your current content filtering solution.

  7. Go Scrooge McDuck’n with all the money you just saved.